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Vandalizing flooded homes

Waverly (KWWL) - Many eastern Iowans lost almost everything in last spring's flood. Now in Waverly, they're losing all they have left.

At least 70 homes in Waverly that were damaged by flood water, are on a buyout list. Now police tell us that these homes, along with places that are being reparied, are being vandalized.

10 homes in waverly have signs that say "danger, do not enter". No one, not even the homeowner is supposed to go inside. Unfortunately, some of these and other flood damaged houses are being vandalized.

Homes with those signs are not safe according to the waverly building office, and will be torn down. Captain Jason Leonard with the Waverly Police Deparment says vacant homes present an opportunity for vandals and thieves. He says quite a fiew flooded homes have been the home to crime lately.

"They come back to find windows broken, items moved or shuffled, damaged or stolen," says Capt. Leonard.

Capatain Leonard says it's up to neighbors and the entire community to help keep a look out for potential vandalism. "Be neighborly, just because nobody's there, doesn't mean they shouldn't be looking out for their neighbors."

If you see someone at an empty house, expecially one with this sign, call police, says Capt Leonard. "What we're looking for is a little bit of help. We can't stop them all the time, but if vandals and thieves walk into these homes, we want to know about it as quick as possible."

Many flooded homes are simply not safe. Captain Leonard hopes more vigilance from neighbors will help keep people from getting hurt. "Be vigilant, even thought the floods are over, the after effects aren't"

The 10 houses that are to be torn down, will happen sometime after April 30th.


Online Producer: Maria Magner

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