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U.S. Census Bureau workers collect addresses

by Danielle Wagner

WATERLOO (KWWL) About 600 "listers," as they're called, are out on the streets collecting addresses for the U.S. Census Bureau. They'll work about 40 hours a week until the end of June.

"What we have to do is go to every address in every community, every neighborhood and village and confirm the address is there or if new addresses are there. Then we transmit that data to update our address list," said Darryl Hysler.

The data is transmitted with new hand held computers or HHCs. Listers will be out and about locating all possible addresses where census information can be mailed.

Darryl Hysler with the Census Field Operations Office in Cedar Rapids said about $10 billion a year is divided among communities based on population. Since the data lasts for ten years, communities want everyone to be counted.

"If we miss one person nationally, it's about $2900 that community will lose," said Hysler.

Hysler said due to our natural disasters last year, finding addresses could be more difficult.

"It's a lot more challenging, but there's always some part of the country that's difficult, but it's going to be particularly difficult in Cedar Rapids and other parts of Iowa," said Hysler.

If there is an empty house, the address will still be collected with the thought someone might be living in that house by next year.

Look for the actual census information in your mailbox next March. The census information form is now shorter, only ten questions.

If people don't respond to the first census request, another one is sent and if there's still no response someone comes to your house.

During the last census, 76 percent of Iowans returned their information on the first request, making us tops in the nation.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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