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YGC: Denver Spanish One students tackle service projects

by Danielle Wagner

DENVER (KWWL) Hunger, dating violence, bullying and the environment.

Those are some of the social problems students in Emily Huff's Spanish One classes chose to address in recent service projects.

In class, the students studied Cesar Chavez. He was American-born of Mexican descent who fought for what he believed in, such as better working conditions for migrant farmers.

"Cesar Chavez did a lot for what he believed in," said Freshman Derek Franzen.

The students worked in groups and used the inspiration of Chavez to bring attention to issues important to them.

"We had a group that chose to make recycle boxes for teachers. We had a group that held a food drive. A lot of groups chose to make a PSA with a camera," said teacher Emily Huff.

Another group of students visited a fourth grade class to talk about self-esteem.

"We just told them how important it is to be yourself and not act like anyone else and you'll make friends," said Freshman Deidre Franzen.

"We had them draw a picture of themselves and write things about them that are unique to them," said Freshman Bryleigh Decker.

This is the first year Emily Huff decided to do this project with her Spanish students, and she hopes to continue it in the future.

Huff thinks it's a great character building exercise for these young adults to tackle larger social issues.

"I'm just really proud of the way they took a problem that meant a lot and chose to do something about it. I mean even if it was just a little bit, they thought about a problem and didn't think about selves. It was more a social issue and I was proud the way they took that and related it to class and kept it educational the whole time," said Huff.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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