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Taxing issue headed for debate

by John Wilmer

WATERLOO (KWWL)-- Disagreements over Iowa's income tax laws will come to a head Wednesday at the State Capitol. The tax deductibility bill is scheduled to be debated on the same day people all over the country will protest increasing taxes with a symbolic tea party.       

The scene just a couple of weeks ago when the tax deductibility bill was up for a public hearing was heated to say the least. Troopers with the Iowa State Patrol were asked to clear the gallery in the House before the hearing could continue.

To show their distaste for the proposal the group called Iowans for Tax Relief has taken to the airwaves, putting together a commercial to protest the proposed legislation.

Also on Wednesday people all over the country will gather on the banks of rivers and relive the spirit of the Boston Tea Party, letting state and federal officials know they are not pleased with how their tax dollars are being spent.  

"We're letting our congressman and representatives know that... Watch what you're doing and the consequences of your actions maybe devastating. We may be creating a debt into the future that our children and grandchildren just can not sustain," said Cedar Valley Tea Party Organizer, Don Wood.

Wood says he has heard both sides of the issue regarding the tax deductibility bill and says lowering the tax rate could have a reverse effect of what is wanted.

"We can not have higher taxes. We will frighten businesses from expanding or even settling in Iowa."        

House File 807 has been placed on Wednesday's debate calendar, although that list is subject to change.

Republican leaders may take another shot at gay marriage legislation while debating the tax deductibility bill. Former House Speaker Christopher Rants says if the tax structure uses terms like husbands, wives, and marriage then each should be defined for Iowa code.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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