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Cedar Rapids to begin home reinspections

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) The City of Cedar Rapids today announced plans to begin reinspections of flood-damaged homes. You can find a complete list of the 200 homes below. 

Over the next two months, the City of Cedar Rapids will begin reinspecting approximately 200 flood-damaged houses that were marked with a red placard after the Flood of 2008. The red placard warned property owners that the house suffered significant structural damage. Since the flood, neither property owners, nor their contractors, have requested building permits for these houses. The City has identified these houses as "inactive."

This week the City will send letters to the owners of 71 inactive houses with the most external damage. The letters include a Right of Entry agreement requesting permission for an inspector to enter the property. The City urges all property owners to sign the agreement and return it as soon as possible.

If the house is determined to pose a severe threat to health, safety or property by Municipal Code and FEMA regulations, the house will be demolished at the expense of the City. Due to the dangerous situation of these inactive houses, removing personal contents will not be feasible.

In a typical year, City staff members inspect about 15 significantly-damaged houses for potential demolition. The reinspection of about 200 inactive houses for potential demolition may take up to four months to complete. To manage the volume of reinspections, City staff will reinspect the houses in groups of about 70, prioritized by condition. The first group of inactive houses to be reinspected includes:

1312 4TH ST NW

1323 K ST SW

1427 4TH ST NW

1332 9TH ST NW

1657 8TH ST NW

1428 2ND ST SW


1450 2ND ST SE


1501 J ST SW

305 G AVE NW

1645 9TH ST NW

327 G AVE NW

1702 2ND ST SW

402 I AVE NW


1206 3RD ST NW

1726 8TH ST NW

1602 4TH ST NW

1906 C ST SW

1616 4TH ST NW

2120 C ST SW

1664 1ST ST NW

217 7TH AVE SW

2608 24TH AVE SE

2207 D ST SW

306 N AVE NW


1000 7TH ST SE

316 6TH ST SW

1007 3RD ST SW

321 G AVE NW

1009 10TH ST NW

333 13TH AVE SW

1030 10TH ST NW

411 6TH ST SW

1034 8TH ST NW

427 G AVE NW

1106 2ND ST SE

435 G AVE NW

1108 6TH ST NW

52 19TH AVE SW

1110 6TH ST NW

622 5TH AVE SW

1122 I AVE NW

626 10TH AVE SE

1205 K ST SW

710 3RD ST SE

1207 N ST SW

717 O AVE NW

1211 6TH ST NW

72 18TH AVE SW

1217 4TH ST SE

723 O AVE NW

1223 9TH ST NW

77 22ND AVE SW

1227 5TH ST SE

81 18TH AVE SW

1230 N ST SW

81 22ND AVE SW

1233 10TH ST NW

814 L ST SW

1234 N ST SW

816 8TH ST NW

1306 9TH ST NW

821 4TH ST NW

1310 3RD ST SE



826 6TH ST SE

953 N ST SW

For more information about the reinspection process, contact the City's Code Enforcement Department at (319) 286-5831.

Online Reporter:  Ron Steele


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