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Planting preps from our weekend gardener

WATERLOO (KWWL) With our nicer weather, you might be itching to get outside and start planting flowers or vegetables.

But our weekend gardener says the most common mistake people make this time of years is getting into the ground too early.

Annuals like many of the plants inside the Petersen and Tietz Greenhouse won't survive outside yet. That's because Heidi Tietz De Silva says it still gets too cold at night.

What you can do is measure the sizes of your beds, start deciding how many and what plants and colors you want and even walk around greenhouses to get ideas.

You can also prep your yard and garden.

"Actual planting areas in the garden ,you can be going out now and removing the old dry leaves from your hosta, doing general clean up around that area, pulling the mulching away from your daffodils, your tulips. Don't cut your roses back yet. You want to wait for your first live growth on your roses and a lot of your perennial items," said Gardener Heidi Tietz De Silva.

To be safe for all your plants, Tietz De Silva says you probably want to wait for another month before planting outside. Typically, the first frost free date in eastern Iowa is around Mother's Day or May 15.  

Tietz De Silva says it is safe to plant trees and shrubs now, but be sure to keep them hydrated.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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