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Breitbach's rebuilding and celebrating Easter weekend

BALLTOWN (KWWL) -- A longtime Eastern Iowa restaurant is once again starting over this weekend. Breitbach's Country Dining burned to the ground in October, ten months to the day after the original restaurant fell victim to fire.

Since the second fire, crews have built the foundation and frame. Saturday afternoon more than 20 volunteers finished the roof. Easter weekend has more meaning this year for the residents of Balltown.

The sounds of hammering are becoming familiar for people in Balltown. The last two weeks Breitbach's has transformed from ashes to a brand new building.

"Yeah it's been very fast. The first day we put all the walls up and it's been just about 2 weeks to finish up the roofing," said Dennis Hoppenwort, a volunteer.

This is an all too familiar scene for people here. Just one year ago they were rebuilding from the first fire. But they say they hope to be open by July of this summer.

"Just a year ago we were going through the same thing. It's unbelievable that we're gonna do the same thing over again," said owner Mike Breitbach.

This time around, volunteers by the dozen are showing up to help out.

"A roof like this? Yeah probably take about 60-70 hours," said construction worker...

Instead, it took eight hours to complete the new roof. Symbolic to easter weekend - a resurrection of sorts.

"It's the community spirit that's been lost all over the world and we still have it here and it's very important. As you can see first hand what it does," said Breitbach.

As crews finish up for the day, they can't help but recall what the return of a town icon means.

"It's kind of a landmark too everybody around. It's everybody's gathering places, without it there wouldn't be anywhere to go," said Dale Denlinger.

"Just seeing the walls go up, everything in town is so much happier," said Hoppenwort.

Happier to see everyone rise above the ashes, and begin again.

Breitbach says they hope to begin construction inside the building in 2 weeks.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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