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Group fights Waverly city budget

by John Wilmer

WAVERLY (KWWL) -- A concerned group of citizens have taken their fight over a city budget to the state. The group called  Waverly Citizens United, is protesting the Waverly city budget and on Friday a state appeals board reviewed the case.  

The Waverly City Hall was scheduled to be closed on Friday, but instead around 100 people packed the city council chambers to take part in the State Appeals Board review.

Dianne Turnball represented the group Waverly Citizens United, during the hearing. This group organized after the floods of 2008.

"We're very concerned that at this point in the time within the community in terms of the economic crisis and trying to fund flood recovery that you not make any increases that aren't absolutely necessary," Turnball said.

City Administrator Dick Crayne says putting the budget together is a thorough process and all the rules were followed.

"It is a long process and it's good to have a long process. It's complicated and there are a lot of operations that the city has and so it is a dynamic budget," Crayne said.

Everything from rate increase on city utilities to filling open police officers positions is being reviewed. This group says items like these are putting an unnecessary and unreasonable burden on tax payers. 

Now it will be up to the three members of the State Appeals Board to decide what is best for the people who live in this community.  

"Our hope is that the state understands what the budget process we've been through that our budget is responsible and that they would uphold the city budget," Crayne said.

"The budget needs to be not increased and they need to have some relief and some hope that problems are being addressed," Turnball said.

A decision by the board is expected by the end of April.

Two other communities in the state of Iowa are also facing budget appeal hearings, the city of Riverdale and Ringgold County.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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