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Pure sugar Coke Cola: Kosher

Waterloo (KWWL) - The Jewish holiday of Passover has also begun, and kosher items are available that everyone can enjoy.

During Passover the custom is not to eat foods that have leavening in them, including corn and grains, so these two liter bottles of Coca Cola are a little different.

Instead of using corn syrup, the company uses sugar, the way it used to make coke years ago. There are several beverages that Coke runs on a special production line for passover, and a Rabbi must oversee all of it to make sure the whole process is kept kosher.

"It's greatly appreciated because up until recently kosher products were very hard to come by," said Marlene Chastain.

The kosher for Passover Coke is designated with yellow cap and it's specially marked as kosher. A taste far different that what's available the remaining 11 months of the year.


Online Producer: Maria Magner

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