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Rally at Capitol pushes for constitutional amendment

by John Wilmer

Des Moines (KWWL) -- Hundreds of protesters were supposed to keep their rallies outside, but instead they jammed the House chamber as legislators tried to begin the process of amending the constitution.

An amendment is the only way to overturn Friday's Supreme Court ruling that a ban on gay marriage violates the Iowa Constitution.        

On the steps of the State Capitol prayer and a push for an amendment banning gay marriage rang out through downtown Des Moines.

Chuck Hurley the head of the conservative group Iowa Family Policy Project led the rally. 

"We have ministered to homosexuals we've raised several thousand dollars to help them.  Many of us have hired them, many of us have close friends who are homosexuals and we genuinely have Christian love and concern in action," Hurley said.

Hurley says if the voters don't get the chance to voice their opinion on this very controversial matter, legislators and the governor will pay the political price.

"Governor Culver we will remember next November," Hurley said.

Inside the House chamber Democratic leaders squashed an attempt to move forward this year with an amendment that would ban gay marriage, this caused the chamber to erupt in chants of, "Let us vote," from those watching in the gallery..

"We will not give up until our hired servants who we elect and deselect and whose salary we pay need to let us vote," Hurley said.

Those in favor of same sex marriage say it comes down to a separation of church and state. Churches will chose who they marry, but gay couples will still have the right to marry.

Governor Culver said yesterday that despite his beliefs he would be reluctant to amend the constitution and overturn the decision made by the Supreme Court.


Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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