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Baby resuscitated at Cedar Falls restaurant

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - Two nursing students and a Cedar Falls police officer are being hailed as heroes.

They're credited with saving an 11 week old baby who had stopped breathing Sunday afternoon in Cedar Falls. The people that revived the child say they were doing what anyone would do in the same situation. They say the difference was they knew how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. And they're urging others to get CPR certified because they say the result could have been much different.

Dispatcher: "911, what's the exact location of your emergency?"

Caller: "I need an ambulance. I need someone to Village Inn in Cedar Falls right away please."

A 911 call outlines the frantic minutes as 11-week-old Wesley Hoffman stopped breathing.

His mother, Leah, was breastfeeding him when a reaction to his acid reflux condition caused him to stop breathing.

"I pulled him off my chest and he wasn't breathing, wasn't moving. He was cold and lifeless and his whole body was whitish gray," Leah Hoffman said.

Hoffman and a friend frantically searched for help including a call to 911.

Caller: "He's only 11 weeks old. He only weighs 9 pounds."

Dispatcher: "You're doing fine."

Caller: "I'm trying to be calm."

Nursing student Kellie Leasure and fellow student Marta Espinoza jumped to action and started CPR.

"It was shocking to see that this was such a small baby. For a split second, I just had to remember to focus on how you deal with something so small," Leasure said.

Leasure said others watched while the two helped revive Wesley.

His mom's friend stayed on the line with 911.

Caller: "Oh my god. They're doing CPR right now."

Dispatcher: "That's good. That's gonna help him."

Four minutes after the initial call, Officer Kimm Froning arrived.

She took over with a back blow that got Wesley breathing again before handing him to paramedics.

"If the nursing students wouldn't have been there, not sure if the baby would've gotten care in time. It's hard in those situations for people to step forward and do what's asked of them,"  Froning said.

This latest incident is Officer Froning's 3rd time helping save someone's life.

She and those nursing students agree it shows the importance of getting trained for CPR.

That's something anyone of any experience can do.

Wesley is out of the hospital and back with his family in Des Moines.

His mother says he's doing just fine now.

Click on the links below to listen to the 911 calls:

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Online Reporter:  Bob Waters

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