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Parents of 9-year old beating victim fear more violence

by Bryan Goettel

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - The parents of a nine-year old boy say they have been getting threats since their son was beaten last week while playing in his father's backyard.

On Tuesday, police charged 14-year old Robert Watkins III with assault causing bodily injury.

This coming just three hours before police say Watkins and two other boys... 17-year old Jose Rockiett and 15-year old Maurice Harden... were involved in a robbery that ended with the assault of Cedar Rapids police officer Tim Davis.

The parents of this nine-year old boy have asked for their son's name or picture to not be used to protect his safety. They say their son has been affected emotionally as well as physically by what took place a week and a half ago.

Bill Kimpton has seen a change in his son since he was beaten last week.

"My son is a happy-go-lucky son and he has not been the same since," said Kimpton.

Kimpton found his son covered in blood.

"From what my son said, one hit him, he fell down, the other one hit him and broke his nose," said Kimpton.

Charges have been filed, but for Kimpton and his family, the case is far from closed.

"He's scared to come outside," said Kimpton. "He doesn't want to come outside by himself. He's afraid that other people out there that's gonna hurt him."

That fear is something Kimpton believes is justified. He says his family has started receiving threats.

"There's people looking for my son, that they're gonna get him," said Kimpton. "You know, they're gonna get my family."

Kimpton hasn't spoken to the parents of any of three boys police say were at the scene of the March 29th incident. But he says he would welcome the opportunity to try and put an end to violence in the neighborhood.

"Let's have a community come together and let's take care of our children at home before something really happens out on the streets," said Kimpton.

Christine Lafler, the boy's mother, says he is slowly getting better, but is still having nightmares. Her son normally stays with his dad on the weekends. But in the interest of his safety, he won't be staying with his dad until he moves into another house sometime next month.

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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