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Gay marriage stirs constitutional concerns

by John Wilmer

Des Moines (KWWL) -- The Iowa Supreme Court's decision to allow same sex couples to marry is scheduled to take effect April 27th.  However, some legislators are looking at ways to prevent that from happening.

Experts say to amend the state constitution it would take both the Iowa house and Iowa senate to pass a measure during two different legislative assemblies. That would put the question on a special election ballot no earlier than 2012.

If same sex couples are married before any laws are changed they would be granted the same rights as every other married couple.

"Those marriages even if later there is a constitutional amendment saying there should not be gay marriage, those have to be recognized by every one of the 50 states," KWWL Political Analyst Jeff Stein said.

Iowans can also decide every ten years on whether they want to call for a constitutional convention, which is a question that is already scheduled to be on the general election ballot in 2010. This in theory could initiate a constitutional amendment without the legislature.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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