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Rylee Flege & Maija Huber: lighting a connection

by Sunny Layne

ELY (KWWL) -- Stories of young people who find success in business often make headlines.

While profit is usually the goal, a two-girl company out of Ely finds its inspiration beyond the bank account.

Rylee Flege and Maija Huber are two young ladies you should know.

Meet 11-year-old Rylee and 9-year-old Maija.

Not yet old enough for middle school, these two friends from Ely are old enough to be veteran business owners.

"They had figured out before we knew about it," Maija's stepmother Yolanda Huber said.

The two began "MayBells Soaps and Candles" two years ago and have kept it going strong.

But perhaps the most impressive element leading their business is the inspiration behind it.

"I think that not a lot of people get that It's okay," Rylee said. 

Both Rylee and Maija have little sisters with Down Syndrome.

The little sisters are the namesakes of the business MayBells: Rylee's 3-year-old sister Mayson, and Maija's 3-year-old sister Bella.

"When it comes to Down Syndrome or any disability, Rylee is there to stick up for these children and make sure people are educated that it's okay," Rylee's mother Amy Flege said.

Having developed a deep love of their own sisters, Maija and Rylee decided they wanted to help others to better understand people with Down Syndrome.

"I like that she is who she is," Maija said, speaking of Bella. 

To meet their goal, these two mini-entrepreneurs spend at least an hour a week making orders and give 100% of their profits to the Hawkeye Area Down Syndrome Association. 

It's a group that helps educate new parents of children with Down Syndrome, as well as the community.

"Friends at school and teachers are seeing a little girl is doing something to make a difference," Yolanda Huber said. "You don't have to be an adult to do something to make a difference."

"It's not a bad thing, actually it's a positive thing," Rylee said. "Not a lot of people think that."

As these doting sisters go from sharing a game of paddy cake to sharing makeup, they hope the message of MayBells will inspire other people to see what they do...

"They're the same and not different than other people," Maija said.

Two adorable little sisters.

To date, MayBells soaps and candles has donated $400 dollars to the Hawkeye Area Down Syndrome Association.

If you would like to know more about their business, MayBell's Soaps and Candles or make an order, click here.

Reporter: Sunny Layne


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