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Travelers make their way through April's wintry blast

CORALVILLE (KWWL) - Travelers say a gas stop in Coralville on Sunday afternoon was a nice break from some wintry weather they'd experienced to the north and west. Many of them we spoke with say they're ready for spring to be here.

George Chermer of Indiana was surprised to see snow this time of year. "The road conditions are horrible in the north. There's jack-knifed semis all along [Highway] 20 coming out of Waterloo," he said.

He was with driving an RV full of wrestlers home from a tournament at the University of Iowa. The vehicle was crusted over with ice when we spoke to him.

"It's like driving a kite in a blizzard," he told us, but he was glad to be heading home, where it's 60 degrees and sunny.

Other drivers traveling east stopped to clear their snow-covered windshields. Roger Andress is sick of it. "Yep, tired of it being cold, and ready for it to warm up and get nice." As a rural Illinois mailman who has to go back to work Monday, he's hoping it doesn't follow him home.

"Hope it stays up there," he said, pointing north. "Nothing against those people, but they can have it."

Gary Appel ran into nasty conditions east of Des Moines. "Snow-packed, slushy, visibility was poor," he said, going through the list of challenges he'd encountered on the road.

He told us that having a four-wheel drive pickup truck helped out, but that his 14-hour commute between his Nebraska home and his job in Cleveland, Ohio, was going to take a few hours longer.

"It's about time for it to be done, though. I think this is the last blast."

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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