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YGC: Waverly students buy goat for African family

by Danielle Wagner

WAVERLY (KWWL) The simple act of reading a book inspired third grade students at Southeast Elementary in Waverly to sell baked goods, jewelry and hair ties.

"Mrs. Kittleson our teacher read a book to us about someone who donated a goat to a family and it helped the little girl go to school and we talked about it and we decided we would donate one," said student Kyli Billings.

"We read Beatrice's Goat because we're studying Africa and it's just a really good story how receiving a goat totally affects lives over there. The kids became so excited and really wanted to try to raise money on their own," said teacher Sally Kittleson.

The students need to raise $120 to purchase a goat through Heifer International.

"The kids really empathize with how different their lives are, and how much they have and it was really a service project to show kids what they can to that everybody can make a difference," said Kittleson.

A parent group organizing a garage sale to raise money for flood relief offered to let the students set up tables to sell items. The students worked the booths and even practiced their math skills.

"I think it's one of the best projects I've done this year because the kids really looked outside themselves and found a way they can help others," said Kittleson.

To get a goat, an African family must meet certain criteria.

Tthey have to prove they know how to take care of it. They have to make food without ruining the environment. They have to make shelter for it," said third grader Carson Kallenberger.

"We're gonna hope that it will help them and be good for their life," said third grader Kali Aissen.

"They not only can use the milk for the family, also sell the extra milk and that money goes to medicine, supplies for the family, helps buy housing, supplies for school," said Mrs. Kittleson.

If the students raise more than $120, they hope to buy some chickens in addition to the goat.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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