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Child Abuse Prevention Month

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The Family and Children's Council says Black Hawk County ranked 4th in the state for reports of child abuse and neglect last year.  This was 300 reports more than the previous year.

"It had to do primarily with issues of supervision and children being left unattended at home or parents not being able to care for children because they were using drugs or were otherwise not able to take care of children the way they should," Julie Pitven said.

Because of this concern, the Family and Children's Council tied blue ribbons to the trees in Waterloo's Lincoln Park Saturday to kick off Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The blue ribbon became a symbol of child abuse awareness in the 1980's, when a grandmother from Virginia tied a blue ribbon on the antenna of her car after her grandchild was killed by the child's mother's boyfriend.

The Family and Children's Council will also have a golf tournament, and Peet Junior High in Cedar Falls will make radio public service announcements and write letters to legislature.

Online Producer: Jackie Manternach

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