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County Recorder's Offices adjust to same-sex marriage ruling

WATERLOO (KWWL) -  Under state law, marriage licenses for same-sex couples can't be issued until 3 weeks after Friday's judgement.

Still, some couples started the process Friday to get married.

County recorder's offices spent the day getting up to speed on the new ruling.

It will be April 24th before they can issue same-sex couples marriage licenses.

Ample time to change information boards.

The Dubuque County Recorder expects the ruling to bring more people to her office from out of state.

"Wisconsin has a 60 day waiting period so we get a lot of people from Wisconsin already so I assume we'll get more people from different states," said Dubuque Co. Recorder Kathy Flynn Thurlow.

In Black Hawk County, recorder Judy McCarthy has been checking e-mails and answering calls since the Iowa Supreme Court issued the ruling.

She says every couple will see a change when they go to apply for a marriage license.

"The Department of Public Health will be working on changing the application form and the actual certificate form. They will have to have that done before April 24," said McCarthy.

That's right.

The forms won't say bride and groom anymore.

It's not clear what the exact wording will be but everything else will remain the same.

It's why one same-sex couple who walked in to apply for a marriage license was turned away because they didn't have a witness.

"The questions that we ask the witness would be the same sort of questions we'd ask for same sex couples and we're not here to judge anything, we're here to process the law," said McCarthy.

The Iowa Attorney General's Office advised county recorders that they can accept applications from same-sex couples who have a witness and pay the fee.

They just can't issue that license until April 24th.

Online Reporter:  Bob Waters

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