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City officials react to early morning crime wave

by John Wilmer

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The city of Waterloo is reacting to a wave of crime in just 12 hours, from 5:00 o'clock Wednesday night to 5:00 o'clock this morning.

It started just after 5:00 when officers responded to an assault. They were called to West 6th street. A knife was found, but no one was injured, but 46-year-old Sead Mujkic was arrested.

Five hours later, just before 10:00, officers were called to another assault. This one took place on Memory Lane. The victim received a small cut and 26-year-old Joseph Mott was arrested.

Next, there were three break-ins. The first incident happened before 3:00 AM, on Rhey Street. The next one happened right before 4 on Dearborn Avenue. The third occurred at 4:45 on Hope Street. During that break-in a woman who lived at that residence was shot in the leg. No one had been arrested.     

Waterloo Mayor Tim Hurley and Police Chief Tom Jennings were so concerned about this most recent string of crimes they held a news conference this morning.

For those who live nearby the crime scenes, like Candice Slick, the news was unnerving.

"Oh yes, that is very scary to hear. I've got two kids, but yeah it's scary to hear," Slick said.

To calm those nerves city officials met with the media to get out a stern message.

"I, the police chief, any member of the city council, any citizen of our city should all have the same feeling that we do not except and will not tolerate these kinds of activities," Mayor Hurley said.

Police are continuing to investigate all three home invasions by interviewing witnesses and serving warrants. The information that they have already gathered has moved this case forward.

"We believe those three events are connected and we don't believe, in fact, we know these are not random acts... These houses weren't just picked out," Chief Jennings said.

Police are hoping to get more information from the shooting victim, 27-year-old Deshai Whitis. This morning she was having surgery on a gun shot wound. Chief Jennings says the police continue to investigate this crime until those responsible are brought to justice.

"Until we take the people into custody... It's not over," Jennings said.

If you have any information or saw something early Thursday morning regarding these home invasions you are asked to call the Waterloo Police Department.     

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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