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Wartburg students rally for change

by John Wilmer

WAVERLY (KWWL) -- More than half the students at Wartburg college in Waverly woke up early this morning to send a message to their administration. Students say the school is ignoring issues like tuition, dorm conditions, and computer services.

Before the sun began to rise the student body of Wartburg College was sounding off.

"I think students around the nation that go to colleges and universities feel a need to have their voices heard and today at Wartburg College what we did was harness our ability to do just that," Student Body President Travis Bockenstedt said.

Students marched through campus straight to Interim President William Hamm's front door to discuss the issues weighing heavily on the students minds.  

"You never expect to have 1000 students on your front lawn at 6:30 in the morning," Interim President William Hamm said.

The students at Wartburg left little reminders of their complaints outside the president's office at Luther Hall. The students wrote the issues on small flags and stuck them in the ground.

Throughout the day student's rallied around campus talking about the issues. The main concern is tuition. Right now tuition for a year at Wartburg is more than $30,000 dollars.

"It's a big issue at Wartburg and not just at Wartburg, but private colleges across the state and we want to come together as students to discuss this issue and create a forum," Student Body Vice President Abhay Nadipuram said.

"This morning was absolutely awesome and last night we were all just jacked for 5:30 to come so it's been great," Wartburg Senior Brent Dodd said.

Iowa isn't alone, students from across the country have protested tuition increases and program cuts. Just this week thousands of students protested in South Carolina, New York, Tennessee, and New Jersey.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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