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Preparing biodiesel tanks for spring

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- As the weather warms, make sure your biodiesel tank is ready for spring and summer. 

Here are some tips from the Iowa Soybean Association to keep your biodiesel engine running smoothly:

--Check fuel containment area for water regularly. Remove water when needed.
--Watch areas of snow melt and water run-off. Look for ice dams and other ways melting water can be diverted. Try to keep water run-off from entering fuel storage tanks through vents, piping and containment areas.
--In the spring, check tanks for water concentration and microbial contamination. Check again in the fall before colder weather sets in.
--Monitor hoses, fill/vapor caps, gaskets for leaks.
--Fuel tanks should be kept as full as possible to reduce the amount of air and water entering the tank.
--Always install a dispenser filter on a storage tank. If there are any issues with contaminants, the dispenser filter will plug but keep it from progressing to the vehicle tanks.
--Desiccant driers are recommended in tank vent openings.
--Visually check tanks monthly for free water by obtaining a tank bottom sample.

To learn more about the Iowa Soybean Association, click here.

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