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Crisis centers seeing rise in calls

UNDATED (KWWL) - Economic troubles are taking their toll on many Americans, pushing many into emotional distress, sometimes depression and even thoughts of suicide.

In fact, crisis hotlines serving those with suicidal thoughts are seeing a surge in calls ever since the economy started going south.

At a national crisis hotline, the calls are flooding in. Operators say these days callers are having a tough time coping with losing their jobs and homes. Sometimes the emotional toll is too much to bear.

"In terms of the most dire feeling being that life is not worth living anymore," said crisis hotline volunteer Pallav Das.

Since July, Crisis Link Hotline has seen suicide calls go up nearly 70 percent.

When the America Association of Suicidology said there is no clear association between a recession and suicide rates, there is a direct relationship between unemployment and suicide.

It could explain the spike in calls to crisis centers like this one from callsers seeking help.

These calls can be pretty wrenching, they can be very draining, they can leave you very cold, they can leave you with your own sense of loss as to whether you've been able to deal with someone else's issue.

And with an increase in calls, crisis hotlines are looking for more people to answer the call to help others.

Online Executive Producer Nate Leding

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