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Economic Security Bills Move Forward

Des Moines-KWWL) The Iowa House has approved two key bills to provide more economic security to families in these tough economic times.  Senate File 197 doubles training benefits for the unemployed while holding employers harmless.  Another bill, House File 618, cracks down on corporations and CEO's who exploit and abuse workers.

"With a troubled national economy and rising unemployment, I'm proud we are taking action to strengthen middle class families with new protections to prevent abuse and additional job training for Iowans who are trying to land a good-paying job," said State Representative Bob Kressig of Cedar Falls.

House File 618 will punish CEO's who break child labor laws with up to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine.  The bill also raises the fines from $100 to $500 for each instance that employers fail to pay employees.

Senate File 197 provides up to 26 weeks of additional unemployment benefits for laid off workers who are retraining for occupations that are determined to be areas where the number of available jobs is growing. These added retraining benefits will not be charged against the employer who laid off the workers, because the funding comes from federal job training legislation, estimated to pump $71 million in additional funds into the state's unemployment trust fund.

Another provision of Senate File 197 waives any additional unemployment charges against employers who lay off temporary workers in order to give returning military veterans their jobs back.

House File 618 now goes to the Senate and Senate File 197 goes to the Governor.

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