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YGC: North Cedar reading responsibility

by Danielle Wagner

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) R-E-A-D. North Cedar Elementary students understand why it's important to pick up a book.

"It makes you smarter and you can learn more if you read," said sixth grader Libby Mehmen.

Each month, students meet in groups for "Character Club" to learn about a different pillar of character. This month's pillar is responsibility.

"And we decided it was one of our responsibilities to read. So we're making book bags and bookmarks," said fourth grader Mallorie Sckerl.

The bags are filled with books and given to area daycares.

"A lot of students' parents are the daycare providers, so we just sent it home. That way it was neat for children to take them home to the family," said guidance counselor Jane Harding.

Some of the daycares were impacted by last year's flood.

"I know what it's like. We were some of the people hit by the flood and our neighbors had a daycare and my dad said when they cleaned out their basement, there was this huge pile of stuff they had to get rid of on the curb because it got flood water on it," said Sckerl.

The North Cedar students take special care in decorating the bookmarks and bags.

"I drew a Spongebob with books by him and catchy phrases," said Mehmen.

One local daycare received three bags of books from the students.

"They love story time. We read a lot. They just like to look at them and the pictures, so it's a lot of fun," said daycare provider Lynn Hoth.

North Cedar Guidance Counselor Jane Harding said the students will continue with character related projects each month.

Previously, the students made placemats for area nursing homes.

"I like that we've moved from talking about the pillars to putting them into action, and it makes it more real for them. I believe we are a school of character and the kids do a great job," said Harding.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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