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Dealers say no to Sunday car sales

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - Iowans who want to buy a car on Sunday can't do it.  The state is one of 13 across the country that outlaw Sunday sales of motor vehicles.  Most of Iowa's neighbors have the ban including Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  Michigan car dealers want to overturn the law - saying Sunday sales would boost revenue and be more convenient for customers. But Iowa car dealers say that's not necessarily the case.  Dealers say Michigan's laws have long made it difficult for people to buy cars there.  They say changing Iowa law to allow Sunday car sales isn't worth the effort.  They say customers, employees and dealers simply won't benefit.  Car dealerships across the country have struggled as the big four have struggled.  But in Iowa, local dealers say they've tried to weather the storm.  They say a move in other states to allow Sunday sales isn't welcome.

"Lots of people, lots of our staff enjoy Sunday for family time, going to church, customers enjoy shopping when we're not here. That's ok with us," said Community Motors General Manager Bryan Benson.

Dealers say they could lose money if open Sundays.

"The issue becomes staffing the 7th day of the week. Out of respect for employees and their families, dealers feel their operations are open a sufficient period of time for consumers to get into their favorite dealerships," said Iowa Automobile Dealers Association President Gary Thomas.

Most dealers keep their lots open so people can come in and window shop, look at the makes and models and see what they want. Dealers say people aren't usually ready to make a deal on Sunday and they can leave that for another day.

"Monday's a big day for us because of that fact. They'll find a particular car they like and they'll call Monday and set an appointment and purchase Monday or Tuesday," said Witham Auto Vice President Tim Godfrey.

"The deal's going to be here anytime they want to buy a car. If you talk to any salesman, they'll say now's a good time to buy and now is a good time to buy," said Benson.

One of the other concerns of Sunday car sales?

The fact insurance agents and county treasurer's offices aren't open on Sunday so you can't do any paperwork necessary when it comes to buying or trading in your car.

Online Reporter:  Bob Waters

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