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Why working less will make you more productive (seriously)

Americans are notoriously overworked. It's important to take a step back and create time for leisure activities you enjoy.


Despite pledge to boost diversity, Apple’s numbers have barely budged in past year

Apple may be all about diversity on the surface, but the numbers show that the company hasn’t made strides in becoming more diverse over the last year — its leadership is still overwhelmingly comprised of white men. 


13 Things mentally strong people don't do

Give up the bad habits that drain your mental strength.


Gaming market explodes for $91 billion in 2016, led by mobile and PC games

The gaming market continued to grow in 2016, with mobile gaming leading and PC gaming coming in a close second. Virtual reality gaming was held back by high prices of hardware and esports and video content continued to grow.


Apple reportedly in talks to manufacture devices in India

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was in talks with the Indian government to manufacture its products in India.


Trump meets tech industry leaders, with one notable absence

Tech industry execs from companies including Apple, Facebook, and Amazon descended upon Trump Tower on Wednesday to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. But there was one notable web giant that surprisingly didn’t receive an RSVP.


Top 5 social media trends for businesses in 2017

These new developments might change how you use social media.


Researchers identify ‘brute force’ method of stealing credit card information

Researchers at Newcastle University have published a paper detailing how brute force methodology could be used to figure out credit card payment information from the first six digits of a card number alone.


Lack of sleep takes big bite out of world economies

Too little shut-eye can have far-reaching effects -- even financial ones, a new report says.


The Trump effect? Apple considers manufacturing iPhones in the U.S.

Restoring thousands of manufacturing jobs to the United States’ struggling Rust Belt communities was one of President-Elect Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises, and at least one major technology company is considering following through. 


China to Trump: Don’t be ‘naive,’ or iPhone sales could suffer

China is taking a stance against Trump. In a piece published Monday by the state-run Global Times, the newspaper said that the incoming U.S. president would be "naive" to engage in a trade war with China.


Ireland will bring the fight over Apple taxes all the way to the EU Court

It looks like the fight between Ireland, Apple, and the EU is only set to escalate -- Ireland is prepared to bring that fight to EU courts. An order from the European Commission states Ireland charge Apple $14.5 billion in back taxes.


Facebook’s earnings smashed forecasts, so why did its stock suddenly tumble?

Facebook reported its latest quarterly data. Revenue climbed, profits soared, user numbers jumped, so why on earth did its stock value suddenly tumble?\


The simple life: Generation Z and millennial freelancers head to the country

Freelancers are increasing as a percentage of U.S. workers. Technology enables them to work from rural areas, a trend not lost on millennials and Generation Z, who are operating as freelancers at a greater percentage than other generations.


Apple beats fourth-quarter revenue estimates, but sees iPhone sales fall

Apple beat Wall Street expectations in almost every area for its fourth-quarter earnings. Beating expectations, however, does not mean growth, and the company's iPhone sales continue to fall.


Amid losses, Twitter reportedly planning to cut hundreds of jobs this week

As it approaches its third quarter earnings release, Twitter is reportedly planning to announce extensive job cuts this week. The company has also rescheduled its earnings report, sparking much debate in regard to what it has in store.


Nissan completes acquisition of 34-percent stake in Mitsubishi

It’s official: Nissan is now the largest shareholder of Mitsubishi Motors, the beleaguered carmaker whose fortunes slid further into the gutter earlier this year when officials admitted that the company cheated on fuel-economy tests in its home country of Japan.


Twitter takeover roundup: Who’s interested in acquiring the social media giant?

Will Twitter be snapped up by a larger corporation later this month?


T-Mobile CEO John Legere can’t stop laughing at Verizon and its Yahoo purchase

The vocal T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who's known for his opinions (and his willingness to share them) recently told Business Insider that he finds competitor Verizon's current situation with their recent Yahoo purchase "hilarious."


Cord cutters may cost cable companies $1 billion over the next year

As costs for premium television subscriptions have risen by about 40 percent over the last five years, it appears as it more consumers will be cutting the cord in favor of streaming video.


Not a prime deal: Is Amazon burying the best price?

Next time you're making a purchase from Amazon, you may want to look closer. A new report from ProPublica suggest the best price isn't always the one shown -- but it might be the one the retailer wants you to buy.


Can Tidal stay afloat? Streaming service reportedly owes big bucks

Tidal might be gaining subscribers, but that doesn’t mean the company is doing well: Despite a gain in revenue, it reportedly lost $28 million in 2015 and reportedly has more than 100 unpaid bills.


Do Uber drivers make more money by working longer or working smarter?

So do you quit when you’re winning or when you’re losing? That’s a basic question that applies not just to gambling — or dating — but also to how long ridesharing drivers work each day. 


Apple’s Tim Cook responds to European Commission’s $14.5 billion fine

Apple has to pay Ireland $14.5 billion in back taxes, a European Commission investigation has concluded. Apple's Tim Cook has responded via an open letter, saying the decision has "serious, wide-reaching implications."


10 of the biggest tech companies agree to bridge the gender pay gap

Recently, 29 more companies joined the White House's Equal Pay Pledge, promising to do their part to close the gender pay gap. Among these companies were big names like Apple, Facebook, Dropbox, IBM, Intel, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.


Uber has already lost nearly $1.3 billion this year

It may be one of the most ubiquitous companies around, but that doesn't mean Uber is doing all that...?well. ?At least, not when it comes to making a profit. Bloomberg reports that Uber has already lost $1.27 billion this year.


Apple and Samsung positively dominate smartphone profits worldwide

It’s no secret that the smartphone market is a brutally cutthroat one, but it’s generally assumed that smartphone makers take a roughly equitable — if disproportional — share of profits. That assumption, however, appears to be far from the truth. 


Job seekers, employers agree: Face-to-face interviews are best

If you're trying to snag a job, new research suggests your best bet may be to make your pitch in person.


Instagram heads deeper into ad territory as it rolls out business tools in Europe

There are 200,000 advertisers on Instagram, and they’re all dying to be your friend. And with the app’s new business tools, they just might succeed. I


Most companies slow to adopt new business tech even when it can help

Is your company keeping up with technology? If not, should you be concerned? 


As tablet sales tank, Apple finds iPad success from an unlikely source

Apple has long been hailed as a little more consumer friendly than the likes of Android, but as sales of the iPad tumble, it looks like demand for the tablet may be coming from a slightly unexpected source — businesses.


Facebook’s new shopping features could boost sales for small businesses

Facebook has launched two new e-retail sections for business pages in emerging markets, and worldwide, that are tied into its Messenger app.


Facebook crushes earnings again and hits a billion daily active users on mobile

Facebook’s numbers continue to move in the right direction for the social networking giant, with users, revenue, and profit all on the up. 


Verizon buys Yahoo’s core businesses for $5 billion, Marissa Mayer staying

Internet behemoth Yahoo has been marching steadily toward the sale of its core assets for the last several months, and now, the sale is complete, with Verizon serving as the buyer. 


Business travelers stepping away from taxi lines for ridesharing services

A recent study of two years of expense reports shows a significant shift away from taxis and rental car companies in favor of ridesharing options. Costs and user ratings reflect the same market disruption.


Netflix’s latest bout of bad news sends stock plummeting — again

It’s been a rough few months for Netflix shareholders, and a recent quarterly earnings report didn’t help. 


Path to higher productivity is focus, not multitasking, study finds

Peek through the windows of most tech companies and you’ll likely see hordes of multitasking millennials. Conventional wisdom has been that if you hire a bunch of millennials and set them to multitasking, you can sit back and watch the smoke rise from the virtual furnace of productivity that ensues, right? 


Self-driving cars could cost us millions of jobs

Self-driving cars bring a long list of benefits, but they also hold the potential to disrupt our economy and throw millions out of work. The potential ripple effects go far past the immediate benefits of driverless transportation.


Apple could look to snag more exclusives for Apple Music by acquiring Tidal

Despite the occasional massive exclusive album Tidal manages to snag, the streaming service doesn’t seem to be doing too well, as we’ve mentioned before. Now it seems that it may indeed have a future, albeit not the one it may have planned on.


Smart billboards will identify car models and target ads to drivers

Some day in the not-too-distant future ads you see on billboards will be there simply because of the make, model, and year of the vehicle you’re driving.


Panama Canal adds a third, wider lane 102 years later

The original two-lane Panama Canal, which opened for business in 1914 and transformed global trade by connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, has until now been limited to ships with a maximum 5,000 containers.


Samsung is investing $1.2 billion in the Internet of Things

Samsung has been a leader in the internet of things space for some time now, but it looks like the company is set to get even more serious about the space — so much so that it’s going to invest a whopping $1.2 billion in the U.S. over the next four years on research and development into connecting everyday devices. 


Women working in tech jobs should avoid these cities if they want more equal pay

Jobs in the tech industry require subjective skill sets and abilities, depending on the scope of work. Ideally, qualified employees are compensated accordingly without regard to any other factor. In reality, however, that is not always the case.


There’s trouble in the Nest neighborhood, so you may want to avoid moving in

When people talk or write about smart homes, one of the first brands mentioned is Alphabet’s Nest, and its famous thermostat, but if you’re thinking about “smartening up” your home, you may want to know that Nest’s future is uncertain.


Apple’s legal woes continue as Caltech sues for Wi-Fi patent infringement

Apple's time in court is far from done, as the company was sued by the California Institute of Technology for possible Wi-Fi patent infringement. 


Facebook provides a whopping 2 billion daily text translations

Facebook is translating 2 billion pieces of text per day using its automated translation system. The social network's head of language technology has revealed that it is now planning to use AI to make more accurate translations.


Facebook and Microsoft may offer equal pay, but women in tech still earn less

Facebook and Microsoft have come out and said they offer equal pay for their employees regardless of gender — but what about the rest of Silicon Valley? New data from a job recruiting startup doesn’t paint a promising picture for women in tech.


Google wants to replace your password with your smartphone

Google's testing a new method of log in that relies on your smartphone for authentication. It does away with passwords entirely, except in instances where your phone is inaccessible.


On Facebook at work? Turns out, that should be the least of employers’ concerns

According to a recent survey conducted by Bamboo HR, technological innovations haven't affected the way in which we steal time from our jobs. Really, we're just making lots of water cooler breaks.


How you should shop on Black Friday, according to Google

A new font of wisdom from Google provides some insights on when to shop, where to shop, and of course, how to plan ahead. Here are a few pro tips to help you do Black Friday better.


Requesting ‘Do Not Track’ settings? Companies are just laughing in your face

Do Not Track requests are just that and only that -- requests. And according to the Federal Communications Commission, they're requests that don't have to be, and often aren't, honored. More>>

MasterCard wants to put a digital wallet into everything you own

MasterCard wants to turn every device into a credit card with its secure mobile payment technology and NFC. The company partnered with Ringly, Nymi, TrackR, GM, and a fashion designer to turn connected devices into payment devices. More>>

Want a great work-life balance? Consider one of these 25 careers

If being able to leave your work at work (or do your work from home) is key to your professional satisfaction, you may want to consider a career on Glassdoor's list of 25 Best Jobs For Work-Life Balance. More>>

Look out Apple Music, Facebook is launching its own music streamer

Facebook will develop a "Spotify-style audio streaming service" to compete with Apple Music, Spotify, and others. The service is in early stages, and will be linked to an ad-supported music video platform as well. More>>

Mozilla describes plan to tempt users back to Firefox

Mozilla Firefox once looked like the browser to beat, but in recent years it has lost considerable ground to Google Chrome. More>>

Windows 7 still dominates the desktop OS market with a 60 percent majority

Not only does Windows 7 maintain the highest market share in the desktop OS space, but its figures are actually growing from month to month. More>> and Airbnb let you try a neighborhood before buying a house

If you're thinking of buying a new home, it's a pretty a big commitment. It's not just the house itself but the surrounding area that you're going to be stuck with for years. Now you can actually try out your new neighborhood before you sign on the dotted line.


Attention frequent fliers: This app claims to lessen jet lag

For all you perpetually time-zone-confused, out-of-suitcase living, constantly jet-lagged frequent flyers, there may just be a light at the end of your runway.


Amazon to start paying some authors based on how many pages you read

Amazon's about to make a pretty major change to the way it pays some of its authors.


Court rules Uber drivers are employees -- not freelancers

In a landmark ruling, California's Labor Commission ruled that Uber drivers are employees, not independent contractors.


Ex-BlackBerry CEO admits company didn’t have a chance against the iPhone

In an intriguingly candid talk at an event in Toronto, Jim Balsillie, BlackBerry's former co-CEO, admitted the company couldn't compete with the iPhone and that its attempt to do so led the company to crash and burn. More>>

As sales plummet, Keurig promises to bring back refillable K-cups

Keurig's new system was designed to block people from brewing coffee pods from other brands, and despite an overwhelmingly negative response from consumers, the company maintained that implementing this system was a good idea. But now they're singing a different tune. More>>

HP recalls 6 million laptop power cords

HP issued a voluntary recall, explaining that a recently discovered overheating issue made the cords a “fire and burn hazard.”

Why did the man behind Windows jump ship, and who’s left to steer?

What does Steven Sinofsky's abrupt departure from Microsoft mean for Windows … and the way the company will compete with Apple and Google? More>>

Google Free Zone brings the Internet to feature phones for free

Google Free Zone enables feature phone users use mail, Web search and Google+ for free. Is it generosity at work, a savvy market grab, or both? More>>

How Apple's victory over Samsung will affect you

Digital Trends goes over the many ways Apple's $1 billion victory over Samsung could hurt Android users, and a few ways it could help. More>>

Why do McDonald's burgers look different from their advertisements?

McDonald's Director of Marketing tackles a popular fan question by taking you behind the scenes of an advertisement photoshoot. More>>

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