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One man paddling entire Mississippi in 90 days

BELLEVUE (KWWL) -- Every year, the Department of Natural Resources says they see dozens of people on a summer adventure, heading down the Mississippi River from the headwaters to the gulf.

Ryan Jeanes is doing just that, and you'll be able to see his entire adventure in a few months in the form of a feature film.  Recently, he made stops in Dubuque and Bellevue.

"I'm making a movie out of this adventure. A lot of people have written books about their experience. I'm actually documenting this as I go along," Jeanes said.

Jeanes -- and often a cameraman -- are making the journey in (they hope) ninety days.

"It's something I've wanted to do since I was young and now that I'm in filmmaking, I've got an opportunity to do it, and share with other people."

Part of the journey has been camping out on islands, following detailed maps, using solar panels, sometimes using a homemade sail, and filtering river water to drink. The food situation is a bit less rustic.

"I go to a grocery store and food, mostly cans, instant rice, instant potatoes," Jeanes said. "HyVee is superior in that way because the food doesn't fight back."

Jeanes literally goes with the flow out on the river. He doesn't plan out where he's going.

"Wapeton, Iowa. It's this tiny, tiny town and you go in there and this community of people just saw me and took me in and were feeding me and that never would have happened if I'd have been like, 'By tonight, I need to be there.'"

That's what Jeanes says the adventure, and movie are really about, the people along the way.

"You can run into these situations when people invite you in and say, here have something to eat and so forth and that's really been the most enjoyable part of the trip."

Link to Mississippi River Movie Web site:  CLICK HERE.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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